An industry leader of four decades, Kershaw evolved from a maker of outdoor knives to one of the everyday pocket tool. Expanding the brand's reach required a shift in focus from the product to the many customer lifestyles who carry a Kershaw, from tech worker to farmer, from brewer to kayaker, from DIYer to beekeeper.

Roles: Integrated branding, art direction, motion design, packaging design, photography, videography, video editing, publication design, catalog, marketing design, merchandise design, environmental design

Art direction, video editing, sound editing


Publication design

Kershaw catalogs
Kershaw catalogs

Packaging design

Kershaw packaging

Environmental design

Kershaw environmental design

(Booth: Greenspace | Graphics: Andrew Fuller)

Kershaw banners

Merchandise design

Kershaw merchandise

Art direction

Kershaw art direction
Kershaw art direction
Kershaw art direction
Kershaw art direction

(Photos: Jonathan House | Art Direction: Andrew Fuller)

Motion graphics, videography, and video editing